Album of Newspaper Cuttings on Brockhall Highvolume Play Pause Stop

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  • Why can the images not be viewed? I gave up trying, after a while, to find a way. I have one or two photos myself, from the early 1980s, taken at Brockhall but pointless to try to share if no-one can see them! I qualified in summer 1984 but was lucky – the only one NOT to be offered a post! Went off to Barnsley, instead and got thrown in the deep end – did me a world of good!

    By Susan Watkins - formerly Fry (20/01/2018)
  • Hi Susan.
    Thanks for getting in touch.

    The good news is that the catalogue has worked! You have seen something of interest.

    If you send me your address then I can post a disc out to you with the 1983 newspaper clippings.

    Also if you have images – and perhaps some context/info/story – then it would be great if you could scan them (at 300dpi, jpg), if possible. Please go to want to help to upload.

    Of course, in an ideal world we would like as much info as possible to be directly accessible. I appreciate your frustration. I have had it myself with other websites. Perhaps in time we will achieve this. We have literally hundreds of digital items, limited human resources (i.e. one part-time paid worker) and if over time we can at least ensure that people can have an idea of what is in the archive that will be a fantastic first step. Transcribing, scanning, archiving, cataloguing etc is a hugely time consuming task! Very happy if you would like to help?

    So our main task has been to at least develop an offline digital archive – so items instead of being skipped, discarded, destroyed or whatever can be rescued for generations to come. Alongside this we want to ensure that our catalogue (i.e. a list of what we have) is publicly available. In addition to this yes it would be great if all items could be viewed. However, this will take a long time. So our priority has been to share and showcase photos, stories, audio clips etc through the ‘themes’ and other sections. This hopefully allows folk to understand the history.

    I hope this is helpful.

    We have just opened the project exhibition – please go to news for details

    Again many thanks for getting in touch


    By Nigel Ingham (22/01/2018)

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